J. Edward Goldman, MFT

How is 2015 treating everyone so far? Have you made resolutions that you aren’t keeping? Did you hope that this year would be different but so far it’s exactly the same? Or are you enjoying this year so far, noticing a difference, and you’d like to keep moving in the right positive direction? Whatever the case might be, Power Therapy can help you. I am currently accepting new clients for 2015 at my Santa Monica office at quite affordable rates. I am trained and can help you to implement the most effective approaches to behavior change and maintenance so that you can make this your most empowered year ever!

And for the rest/all of you, I have a very interesting Podcast I was featured in late last year to offer you. I appeared on the Radio Show “Dates & Mates” w/ Damona Hoffman. It was a lot of fun. We discussed some very important issues surround relationships/marriages, male and female gender and power dynamics, dating/meeting people, finding and maintaining love, and so on. I hope that you enjoy the show. Here’s the link (you may have to copy and paste…can’t seem to get the link to work):

And here’s a brief video clip of me on the show:

And here’s the audio links: