J. Edward Goldman, MFT


Therapy can change your life. The highest mountain, the highest peak of possibilities—of freedom, of happiness and of power is open to you, though you have yet see it and you have yet to feel it. By simply giving yourself a little time and space, by sitting on a couch and talking with the right therapist, opening up to him and letting the truth unfold, the vista of your life, of your present, and of your future can come clearly into view. And in seeing these possibilities, in discovering the power to move forward, you can then begin to act: to finally emerge from that dark night in which your soul has been so lost and stuck. From the relentless hussle and bussle, the struggles, stresses and depths of LA living, to a new kind of clarity, peace, joy and hope. You can awaken to a new day. And even to a new life.

Have a look at this video for the details on my approach. Thanks for watching.